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Our Studios

Studio A

Studio A is the large-scale studio at SDS. Our technical infrastructure includes the new large Euphonix System 5 with 64 faders, ProTools 10 / HD5 and a TC M6000 MK II unit. Monitoring comes from a Dolby CP650 and a THX system. Formats in stereo, 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 are possible. This Studio is ideal for cinema productions in 5.1.

Studio B

The smaller, cosier studio has a Digidesign 003 mixing console. A Dolby CP65 and a THX system provide brilliant 5.1 monitoring. This studio is ideal for sound design and pre-mixes for smaller motion pictures, low-budget, commercial and TV-productions.


In our workshop we restore and digitize magnetical tape or sound-on-film sources for archival purposes. Our Perfecton, Sony D88 and Sony DAT equipment is in perfect shape and treats the sources with utmost care.


We are not just a place for work, offering a fully fitted kitchen, bar and WiFi connectivity in our comfortable lounge.